Monday, August 12, 2013

How To Conceive A Girl - The Natural Way

Asking how to conceive a girl can lead to lots of different answers. Some people will tell you to make love under a full moon, others will tell you to sleep on the right hand side of the bed! I know, it's crazy! Some will tell you to consult a fertility clinic where you will be subjected to synthetic hormones and invasive procedures.
But there is a better way to conceive a girl and it's called natural gender selection.
So if you're trying to conceive a girl, how exactly can you help the process?

How to conceive a girl with natural gender selection
First of all you must know that only one process can guarantee gender selection 100%. The process is called PGD and it costs a small fortune. If you manage to get pregnant through PGD (as it involves completing an IVF cycle, and this doesn't always mean you will be pregnant at the end) you will be pregnant with your choice of gender.
Natural gender selection experts claim that using their totally natural method to conceive a girl, may be up to 94% successful. You do have to follow instructions though, and you there are certain things about your body that will have to learn.

How to conceive a girl - Work with nature... not against it!
So what exactly chooses the sex of the baby when the sperm meets the egg? The sperm does! Yes that tiny little tadpole look-a-like will determine your baby's gender. Sperm contain either X or Y chromosomes, and its the X chromosome one that you need to fertilize your egg!
So natural gender selection works on the theory that you need to get that girl making sperm to the egg, leaving those pesky little Y bearing sperm out for the count!
There are various ways in which you can help the girl sperm do it's job. X and Y sperm have different characteristics, X sperm are larger and much slower that their supercharged little Y competitors. So timing of intercourse along with the knowledge of when you will ovulate could just do the job your hoping for.
Diet may be a factor in creating a more hospitable environment for the X chromosome sperm, and positions when making love can also be a factor in conceiving a girl.

How to conceive a girl - With knowledge and a little help from mother nature
Now you know the basics, but there is much more to learn. Conceiving a baby normally gives you a 49% chance of having a little girl. That's right, the boys tip the scales at 51%, but with natural gender selection, even if you can up the odds by just 10%, then it has to be worth working with your body to conceive your dream!

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